Team Building Activities in Dalat


  Team Building Activities

Teams can rotate “at will” through challenge stations. They attempt to post the best score possible at each station. Specific rules for each challenge are outlined at each station. Team performances are recorded by the guides at each station.

Toxic Waste

This is a resource allocation and testing problem solving initiative. Teams have to properly determine how best to use the resources that they have to accomplish the objective.

Vision Quest

This problem solving initiative looks at the metaphor of “vision” within the context of leadership. It also examines how vision is communicated and understood within teams.

Stepping Stone

Move the team from one side of the lava field to the other (marked off by ropes) by using stones in the fastest possible time. No one can touch the ground (toxic area). All the stones used must be brought across to the other side along with the team. Use only the materials provided.

Climbing Wall

Teams need to pick their strongest members to try and set the fastest time on a 5 meter climbing wall. (Overcoming fears, fighting assumptions, team effort)

Balance Beam

The balance beam exercise fosters problem solving, group-think and teamwork.


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